Snow Falls, Angels Call

Lana Skauge’s handpicked recollections and musings about her favourite time of the year stand as life markers spanning from her earliest performances to her new works. Those familiar with her stories will be pleased to see “The Perfect Tree”, “Saskatchewan Memories” and “The Old House” included in this edition! Coming from a world of marshmallow ambrosia salads and hand-me-down clothes, Lana’s style speaks her personal truth with simplicity and heart as a prairie kid returns to yesterday and a grown woman savours the messages only the angels can bring at Christmas. Lana began her performance career as a professional actor/singer in 1979. Her original creations provided decades of touring across Canada and the UK. Celebrating twenty four one-woman shows, eleven plays and three published books, she remains awake to opportunities and trusts the signs that lead her. Already embarking on another series of stories, she has found herself guided once more through the forest into moonlit meadows of possibility.


“It is a Mother’s load, one that we accept without hesitation.  Whether we are birth mothers, adoptive mothers, grandmothers or mothers of necessity our children will one day tell our stories.  What a responsibility!  My life lessons are best told using metaphor and simple truths.  They have rewarded me with a motherlode that I never expected.  Reworked from my performances, the following pieces are bound by the tradition of storytelling, that ancient way of remembering through spiritual heartspeak and instinct that, for me, comes from a straight shooting prairie girl who has always listened to her motherland.” ~L

This book includes the following stories:  “Whale Sounds”, “Matta’s Wish”, “The Fool and the Storyteller”, “Motherload”, “Grandma’s Hands”, “When the Sky got Bigger”

When the Flock Flies, stories for a season change

“An eagle feather drifts down onto the forest floor, the sky shifts, a leaf falls, and the world of a story is awake in me once more.  A place where Sun dogs streak the sky, Northern Lights beckon, and those Canada Geese call me home.  Nothing can stop the season from changing.  Nothing can stop the story form unfolding….In this book, I invite you to look up and see the sky that I feel…bigger than the land we walk on….that endless space, timeless place, where my spirit is compelled to fly.  Come with me and let the stories be spoken out loud for all to hear.” ~L

This book includes the following stories:  “Soul Mates”, “Yukon Time”, “The Skywatcher”, “The Teenager”, “Agnus”, “Rock, Tree, River”, “Dad’s Piano”, “Stubble Jumper”, “One Last Day”

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