WELCOME 2019!!  

Experience a glimpse into the ancient art of storytelling!

“LOVE” at Alberta Teachers’ Conferences!  Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer

Forty years of hands on drama practitioner experience will be transferred into a poignant entertainment where Lana models story structure, weaves a tale and embraces each and every one of you!  Come and feel the reinforcement that will propel you through the next few months of teaching at the Calgary Teachers’ Convention, the Southern Western Alberta Teachers’ Convention AND the Central Alberta Teachers’ Convention in 2019!!

Check conference programs for dates and times.


Lana is a firm believer in the ancient art of storytelling using voice, body and imagination. Original creation is key to this highly theatrical experience that encompasses the listener with important words, messages and emotionally charged skill. Her unique ritualized gesture patterns, honed story structure and life-changing messages will affirm you. Lana’s one-woman shows allow a glimpse into the old way where the teller becomes all of the characters as the story unfolds.


Lana loves intimate gatherings (under 200) to teach the power of story structure and the curriculum connection behind her inspiration. Simple, effective and always transformative, her mastery unravels in every image spoken as children participate creating their own vocal soundscape and gestures.

HOUSE CONCERTS/ with special guests!

Full of laughter, anecdotes and, always stories, Lana joins up with fellow artists to entertain you!!!  More news to come!

“THE OLD HOUSE” (School Tour December 2018)


(Beautiful sketch by Chester Lees)

“In the silence of the snow stood a very old house.  It was a two-story, wood-framed dwelling that had been home to many a family for well over one hundred years.  She stood there empty, the last of her kind, in the snowy world of Christmas Eve and days gone by.  What was that? A sound came from upstairs.  Intruders!  The Old House held her breath.”

Lana personifies an old house with her signature style. Flanked in rich captivating soundscapes from professional musician, Clayton Jeffrey, this finely tuned original tale will bring back the magic of the season with mysterious visitors, humour and surprise!

Live music, animated characters and powerful images!

Lana’s buddy, Clayton!

His Bio:  Clayton is a singer/ songwriter/ multi-instrumentalist of 25+ years. He has been involved with musical theatre and musical performance most of his life (notably in productions in the late 90’s at Toronto Fringe Festival and Petun Players “Collingwood, Ontario). His first album “Thoughts While Shovelling Snow” released in 2006 garnered attention from Alberta radio and was showcased at The Tongue on the Post Festival and South Country Fair. He has hosted a long running open mic series (Calgary Music Meet-up) and performed on stages throughout Alberta and Western Canada. Most recently as a founding member of the band The Blue Serenade, he assumed closing duties at the 2018 YYC Music Awards.