Lana’s People

My creative family members (both biological and adopted) have contributed to my rich and rewarding life. I am inspired and supported by so many; visual artists, clowns, actors, singers, musicians, poets, comedians, counsellors, educators and mavericks like me!

Caryl Skauge is a self-taught artist who weaves, paints and plays with fabric.  I am blessed to have known her all of my life.  Pulled to journey spiritually through her mediums, she has offered meditative images to ponder. Her wearable repurposed clothing are “one of a kind” items celebrating vibrant colours, contrasting textures and comfort for all shapes.  Her home is her studio where the walls and shelves are laden with her artistic expression.  Private showings are ongoing and commissioned works are available upon request. Drop me an email and I will connect you to her.