Lana Skauge – Bio

Lana has been a professional actor/singer since 1979 and is a member of both stage (C.A.E.A.) and film (A.C.T.R.A.) associations.  She has written 24 one woman shows:  WHEN MY HEART SPEAKS, THE FOOL AND THE STORYTELLER, GRACIE’S STAR, URSA’S JOURNEY, BUTTERFLIES, TWILIGHT CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS WITH A CAPITAL “C”, FACES OF PEACE, HANDS IN WOOD, WHEN THE SKY GOT BIGGER, AN ADAPTATION OF THE EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES, A STORY FOR CHRISTMAS, THE SKYWATCHER AND THE PERFECT TREE, RANDOLPH’S CHRISTMAS, WHALE SOUNDS AND SOUL MATES, NORTH OF THE TIMBERLINE, STUBBLE JUMPER, SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE, MAMMA’S NIGHT OUT, THE DANCER, NO FIXED ADDRESS, MOTHERLOAD, THE PRUNER AND PEACE SEEKERS.  She has toured extensively throughout Canada and Great Britain and is a recording artist.  She is in constant demand as a Drama Specialist and as an Artist in Residence for special interest groups.  LANA has taught at the University of Calgary, Mount Royal College, Old Sun College, University of Lethbridge and Artstrek.

As a Director, LANA worked with the MAGDALENA PROJECT (UK) as a co-creator of collectively based work in physical theatre and storytelling as well as MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGE’S CHILDREN’S THEATRE TOUR and THE UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY’S WAGONSTAGE.  Her collaboration, “Something from Anything” with Hip Hop company PULSE rekindled her love of movement.

LANA has written 11 plays and has been commissioned to write for the University of Calgary (Wagonstage), Decidedly Jazz Danceworks, Glenbow Museum, Mount Royal College and Project Ploughshares to name a few.

She has two recording projects, OLD BONES/NEW STORIES (poignant prairie reflections) and ONE FOR THE BABY (Christmas). LANA’s books include MOTHERLOAD/MOTHERLODE, WHEN THE FLOCK FLIES and SNOW FALLS/ANGELS CALL published by Absolute XPress.  Her fourth book will be launched in 2019.

LANA received THE DUVAL LANG THEATRE FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES AWARD for excellence in her field in 2010.  In 2013, she was awarded a study grant to develop her work at THE BANFF CENTRE and attended a film-writing workshop hosted at DAVID THOMPSON UNIVERSTIY with KEITH DIGBY.  That same year, she participated in a storytelling intensive with Canada’s national treasure, RICHARD WAGAMESE and his dynamic partner DEBRA POWELL who changed her life forever!  LANA was the proud recipient of two BP A+ for Energy Grants (River Valley School) to enhance energy alternative awareness through theatre culminating in solar energy film shorts (2015) and wind energy radio plays (2017) written and produced by children.  Her innovative story representation  is featured on LANA’s new YouTube channel!  Take a look!