Story Samples


Lana’s stories touch everyone in the room.  Like the ancients before her, all are welcome.

Her very first story, SKYWATCHER, was written as she stared up at the northern sky.  This small whisper of a tale grounded her in independent work that started with a spark and continues with a well established fire for the soul!


“Skywatcher ran to the hill and began to climb.  When he got to the top the sound crackled overhead.  The lights of blue and green were becoming more radiant.

He raised his little arms through the light and opened up his hands to them.  He said, “The children are sick.  Please help the children!”

Suddenly a form took shape!

It was a Wolf–jet black and moving closer.

It bared its sharp teeth.

Skywatcher’s heart pounded in his chest.  He was so frightened that he couldn’t move.  The Wolf came closer.  Skywatcher noticed that it held something in its mouth.  It dropped that something right into the snow.  It raised its Wolf head up and looked deeply into Skywatcher’s eyes, and said, “Wear this and believe.”

The the Northern Lights and the Wolf vanished.” 

Theme:  perseverance, hope, courage



Whales have fascinated Lana for years.  In this story a whale speaking with a non-verbal girl in a wheelchair is unforgettable.  Stemming from her personal life Lana finds the meaning in her metaphor.  Cleverly combining humour as she speaks the girl’s thoughts a complex journey unravels with vision and defining moments of wonder.

“Once again, Nora watched that ocean, saw those seagulls and then….There, at the end of the dock, the grey Whale appeared once more.  But this time something was different. This time, Nora could understand everything that the whale was saying.

She groaned!  The whale replied.

She couldn’t believe it!  For the first time in her life, Nora had a language.  A language that a whale could understand!”

Theme:  compassion, transcendence, stereotypes



(Lana and her sister with “Snowflake”.  Check out the pixie cuts!)

Lana’s southern Saskatchewan recollections are overflowing with humour! No need for embellishment as she journeys back to the simple life in a small town where hidden gems lie within unsuspecting characters.  Lana redefines beauty as she heads for the skating rink!

“The dreariness of our prairie winter lingered into March!  What could we do? Well, like every other Saskatchewan family, we went to the skating rink!

You could smell the oiled wooden floors and the hot chocolate over by the concession stand as soon as you entered.  All of the Dads would be lined up on the benches to tighten skates.  The Moms would find their seats in the arena and the skate-tying would begin.

“That’s good, Dad,” I said as he pulled my skate laces.

“You don’t want them too loose.  Let’s just feel the toe.”

“That’s great, Daddy,” I said.  My feet were beginning to hurt.  “Can I go?”

I stood up and wobbled.  The laces were so tight, my feet were throbbing.

“My ankles!  I can’t feel my ankles!”

“You aren’t suppose to feel your ankles.”

“Dad, I’m getting cold.  Can I go now?”

“When I was a kid, we skated outside on an old dugout.  Thirty below and we were out there.  And I’m talkin’ fahrenheit.  That’d toughen you up in a hurry.”

Theme:  valuing your roots, hidden beauty