Looking for Love in Action!

“Love is a verb.”

I was told that years ago.

So, where is it?

Don’t underestimate the question.  A verb insinuates taking action.

I was witness to it this week.

At the Ironwood on Sunday brave new/seasoned artists shared original work under the auspices of “Calgary Songsmiths”.  It’s an independent group of songwriters. Brian Volke cut through a sleepy afternoon with riffs and vocals that demanded our attention.  I woke up to the fate of a sailor’s plight in “Captain my Captain”.  The connection was immediate. The crowd burst into applause. The young man beside me commiserated.  He loved this group.  Everyone was welcomed.  Imagine that. I stayed for the whole afternoon. These people were onto something….oh yeah, they were taking action.  And I was feeling the love!

In a few hours I found myself at Loose Moose Theatre attending a variety show honouring my longtime friend, Rick Hilton.  It was a fundraiser to help him through chemo treatments that started this week.  Kirk Miles reached souls with humour weaving words that cradled us in his sacred moment. A stand up comedian brought healing laughter.  Chair balancing street performer Bob Palmer lightened Rick’s load and Dan the one-man-band claimed joy with mastery.  A multi-talented improviser and musician Chase Padgett ended the evening under stark light with a Stevie Ray Vaughn rendition to wrap us in hope as Rick’s childhood friend held out an empty cap for donations. Can you picture it?  Tell me, where was the love?  Everywhere!  

So what was MY love in action in all of this?  Well, sometimes it ain’t about ME! 

I bared witness.  I was present.  I took up air space and, in a moment’s flash, became the energy that transcended walls, ceilings, closed doors.  

When we gather with pure loving intention, there is power.  We are no longer alone with our thoughts, beliefs, rants.  

The letting go, the giving in, brings us closer to our humanity that’s actively seeking purpose.  

“Love IS a verb.”

YouTube Channel is up!

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

Wanna bet?

“The old grey mare, she ain’t what she used to be.”

Thank God!

“We put her out to pasture.”

Free at last!

My project called “60up!” is about putting my big girl britches on!  The learning curve is huge!  Nights are long as I pilfer through old files finding jewels that represent this long journey of my creative self!

I have pushed myself into technology where kids loved the Foley artistry introduced by Aidan Lytton who helped produce amazing radio dramas!

My love for the story still resonates. Thanks Tom Doyle!!! What a ride we had! 

My heart is leaping!  Why?  Because it ain’t over!

This second half of my life is revealing itself daily!  

I am in love with the visual.  Why not a film short?  Why not?

Check out Lana Skauge YouTube.  It is linked directly to my website.


I am on an adventure and bees are a central point to my story!  Fascinated by their behaviour and inspired by the metaphors they have given me, my fingers are moving quickly over the keyboard.  

I remember the cabin of Richard Wagamese and Debra Powell where nurturing mornings of sweet smelling smudge and purifying smoke re-awakened me to the natural world’s hum of activity with sacred eyes. Subtle cues woven through the trees and fresh air loved me back to story as my feet touched the earth with purpose.  I recalled Richard’s notes today.  “Breathe through your fingers,” he said.  

A bumblebee perched calmly on my mother’s wrinkled palm while her other hand, arthritic and disfigured, petted it gently.  It was a moment’s peace from her daily gardening.  The bee meandered off sinking itself into a nearby blossom while she continued to watch it intently.  

My husband transported his honeybees in our old hatchback!!!! A small opening closed off with thin muslin cloth was the only thing between HIS hive and MY body! The more terrified I got, the harder he laughed!  Honeybees relocated, wife hysterical.    

Warned numerous times of the impending wasp peril that loomed over our compost and lectured daily about the difference between wasps and bees I gingerly brushed away an intruder while I was gardening.  Four consecutive stings later and an anaphylactic shock that needed immediate treatment I determined, that was not a bee!

I tried to explain to children why my name was MS. Lana.  Finally I said plainly, “I am Ms. Lana because I am a buzzing bee, baby!”  After that they realized that my busy work was because I believed I had equal opportunity to create.  They gestured a bee with their little hands to get the name in their heads and it stuck!  What a positive way to affirm.  

Small town Lana moved to Calgary with her family in the late 60s.  I was introduced to a new kind of hive at school and the stings lasted for years.  A story has unfolded. I am buzzing!!!!

What I did for LOVE!

“Won’t forget, can’t regret what I did for LOVE….”

(“Chorus Line” music by Marvin Hamlisch, lyrics by Edward Kleban)

I did it!

I loved the teachers and they loved me back!

It was a whirlwind time of hugs and affirmation as I guffawed my way through the Calgary Teachers’ Convention finding beautiful paths leading to warm hearted educational warriors!  My conclusion, the kids are in GOOD hands AND teachers need time to LAUGH!

“Kiss today goodbye….”

I did it!

I broke my wrist!

BUT, I did it for LOVE!

I was skating.  I LOVE skating!

Someone had broken bottles on the ice.  So many little ones learn to skate at our local rink that I couldn’t ignore it.  I did a fine job picking up the bits and pieces….initially…..and then did a fine job on myself!  DOWN SHE GOES!  “Help!” I said to no one in particular.  A lovely stranger appeared and got me to the bench.  “Help!” I called my son who took me immediately to the wonderful Sheldon Chumir clinic.  One week later, surgery was imminent.  “Help!”

“And point me toward tomorrow….”

I did it!

This cowgirl had to give over the reigns.


In the process I counted the number of people who had helped me.  It was an impressive list of over 20 health care professionals that I knew by name before I left the Rocky View Hospital with pins and a plate in my arm and amazing stories about these selfless individuals. My only complaint was that I never did get to see the end of the “Doc Martin” series I had been watching in great luxury from my hospital bed.  I mean, TV in bed!

“Gone, Love is never gone….”

I did it!

I forced myself to reflect!

My work is all about LOVE, people.

I came across this video clip taken from River Valley School where I invented unique drama programs from K to 6.

Risk, renewal, rejoicing and resonance past the classroom will always be my markers of success.

“Look my eyes are dry, The gift was ours to borrow…”

I did it!

The pity party is over.

I have been surrounded by compassionate caring individuals who allowed me to change my entire schedule!  Wow! Mentors, friends, soul mates and family continue to love me through this.

I am writing and I can’t stop!  It could be because I have both hands semi-operable again or maybe it is because I took the time to LOVE myself back.  Right Maria?

The healing is tedious but there’s a message in it for me.  I just have to put LOVE first.

“As we travel on, Love’s what we’ll remember….”