Light the Night with a Story!

Last night was amazing!  Nebulae!  Gravity!  Nuclear Fusion! 

Students and parents made a sacred storytelling circle and the Lower Elementary children from the Montessori School of Calgary celebrated their findings in a piece called “Winter Sky Wonders” and the “Heeja People”.

Pink Floyd back dropped their explorations as hearts and hoops flourished in the space providing Science links (star formation and how snowflakes are created) to Social Studies (Heeja culture and their fundamental needs).  Energized, open and committed to their summation, I watched on with joy and admiration for these brave hearts that dared to discover!

Upper Elementary students provided a multi-layered slideshow of their story entitled “The Fool’s Journey”.

Still shots captured their rich voyage through the complexity of emotional mapping the protagonist’s quest toward poignant revelations!



Intricately designed Spirit Masks brought other worldly magic and guidance for a Fool who needed to be reminded that perseverance was the key!

Story structuring to develop sequential events, message and character development culminated in an exemplary project.

Story Sample:

One last Spirit Guide appeared as old as the earth.  He was the one who talked to the people in need.

“When you think it is IMPOSSIBLE it IS impossible.  When you think it is POSSIBLE it IS possible.”

Student comments:

 “We worked on the techniques of low, medium and high.  We worked on the story of the fool using an emotional road.  I liked that it wasn’t strict.  Go off and make your own Spirit Guide.  You are able to choose what you wanted to do.”  (Christina)

“Fun! We got to move around. It is not something where you sit at your desk.”  







“It was a lot different than the other classes we have.  We actually got to play around and try new things and take a risk!” (Annabel) 

“It was very Creative.  We made Spirit Guides.  Our job was to find out what our Spirit Guide does in life.” (Alexie) 





“When you make up your own story it feels like you made something emotional and it was nice to do it.  I was grateful…in other schools you don’t get to do it.” (Ibrahim) 

“You said that I was smooshing different subjects together…Social, Language Arts.  I saw the different ways to learn.  It was really fun!”  (Lillian) 






Thank you Montessori School of Calgary for this affirming moment!

Presented with beautiful flowers….….that now adorn my dining room, I sit in awe of this rich and soul fulfilling work!  Spring will bring explorations with kindergarten children ending with a special tea and sharing.

                           What a wonderful creative world I live in!

New Year, New Life, New Facebook Account!!!

So I was packing away a beautiful Christmas decoration, my daughter’s favourite. A dear friend many years ago, Karen Jeffrey now Artistic Director of Sunset Theatre in Wells BC, made it for me and I have loved it ever since.

I am not big on the word “chance”. I firmly believe that things are “meant to be”.  I thought, “I should connect with her.” After a quick email response she invited me to Face Time her on Facebook…..and it began…

First, I found out that my Facebook account was on Safari. Face Time is not offered on Safari.  I needed to change things over to Google Chrome.

I downloaded…I think, what I was suppose to, from a Youtube video that made it look easy.  Sure.  Something hit the fan!  But I was determined. I really wanted to talk to Karen through Face Time.

I tried to enter my Facebook account… It wanted my password….I couldn’t remember my password…

It promised me a code on my phone to change it…I didn’t get a code on my phone to change it….

The account became dysfunctional….I became dysfunctional!!  The account virtually froze…Then I blew up…

Most of you know I am a Luddite.  I am much happier with a chisel and stone (aka Fred Flintstone) than a keyboard and a computer.  And if you are REALLY close to me you know what kind of panic I can be in!  It’s stellar!!!  Right Nigel, Artie, Raena?

Over the course of 24 hours I managed to completely screw up my account so badly that there was no way to get back in.  Well, there might have been but I refused to ask for more help.  Enough already!

Completely defeated I watched Jim Gaffigan until 1 am. (my go to for frustrating moments), drank a glass of water and went to bed.

Why, why, why?  Just when I wanted to talk with Karen!

Coffee in my hand I was more determined today with a new attitude.  Fully dressed, with a bit of makeup on to perk me up I began with new hope.  Don’t judge!  Eyeliner works for me…that’s another story.

Before I knew it I had a new account and was reconnecting with this sweet lady that I had admired for years!

Karen’s pearl of a company has incredible offerings for artists like me encouraging creative exploration, partnerships and sharing. Wow!!!  With their hard earned efforts both she and her husband Dave bought this lovely property and have been housing artists, generating new works and nurturing their community for the past twenty years.  Her words of support flowed into my heart and I melted with humility…..I was in awe.  It was just what I needed to hear. What an incredible journey she has been on….one of faith, hope and utter determination.  What a gift!  No mistake….I needed to go through all of this to pay attention to the wisdom set before me.

Now, I will conjure ways to get to Wells BC propelled by my dear friend Karen.  “On the road again! Gee it’s great to be on the road again!”  Scary, I look more like Willie everyday!  Ah well, I guess I am aiming for character…hahaha!

Facebook friends are pinging me now…the re-friending has begun!!  I don’t think that’s a word…Where’s my chisel?  “Wilma!!!!”

My project “60up!” is moving!  Triple dog dare ya to come for the ride!